West Kalimantan, Gunung Dungan Nature Recreation Park

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Gunung Dungan Nature Recreation Park

(Surat Keputusan) Menhutbun No. 259/Kpts-II/2000, 23 Agustus 2000. Luas areal 1.073 hektar. Sambas

Designation of areas based on the Spatial Plan of West Kalimantan Province in 1995, with an area 1142 ha. And punctuated with SK. Menhut No. 259/Kpts-II/2000 dated August 23, 2000.
Mountain Nature Park is geographically located content on the 1 -ª 47’0 “- 1 -ª 50’0” N and 109 -ª 31’0 “- 109 -ª 32’0” BT.
Some authors ecosystem these areas include riparian ecosystems, Heath and peat swamp forests.
Vegetation mainly dominated by family Bombaceae, family Anacardiaceae, Dipterocarpaceae family and other types of orchids such as Dendrobium anusnum and Apendiculata sp.Liparis latifolia, Pholidota Scortechinii sp and sp.
While other types of fauna between Honey Bear (Helarctos malayanus), Long Tailed Monkey (Macaca fascicularis), Javan (Presbitys sp), Forest Pig (Sus barbatus) and the Monitor lizard (Varanus borneensis).
– Pontianak – Paloh ………. Public bus ………….. 8 hours
– Paloh – Regions ………. Motorcycles ………… 2.5 hours
Balai KSDA West Kalimantan
Jln Ahmad Yano No. 121 Pontianak
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