West Kalimantan, Bukit Perai Protection Forest

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Bukit Perai Protection Forest


Longitude (DD) 111.24255946
Latitude (DD) -1.17899072
Designation Protection Forest
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
IUCN Category VI
Documented Total Area (ha) 100.000
GIS Total Area (ha) 184.067

Tahura Bukit Barisan is Indonesia’s third Tahura set by the President with Presidential Decree No. 48 In 1988 dated 19 November 1988. This Tahura development as conservation of natural resources and environment through improved utilization of the function and role of the forest.

Tahura Bukit Barisan is a core management unit protected forest areas and conservation areas all premises 51,600 ha area. Most of the protected forests of mountainous natural forests established since the Dutch, including Protected Forest Simancik Sibayak I and I, Forest Protection Simancik Sibayak II and II and Sinabung Protection Forest.

Another part of this Tahura tersiri area consists of the CA / TW. Sibolangit, BC. South Langkat TW. Lau Debuk-debuk and Sibolangit Scout camping grounds.


This forest area dominated by tree species from both types of local mountains and that came from outside. Some types are: Pinus merkusii, Altingia exelsa, Schima wallichii, Podocarpus sp, Toona surei and other types such as Durian, Dadap, rambutan, Pulai, Aren, Rattan, and others.

Types of plants from the outside include: Pinus caribeae, khasia pine, Pinus insularis, Eucalyptus sp, Agathis sp, and others.

Some animals that live in this area include: monkeys, tigers, gibbons, wild pigs, snakes, eagles, small deer, treggiling, and others.


Some of the Regions Tahura, especially around Brastagi Tongkoh and has developed into one of the important tourist destinations in North Sumatra.

The main supporting factors as the tourist attraction is the cool air, good natural vegetation and beautiful scenery, water resources and lake Toba and enchanting culture.

Besides it also means adequate infrastructure such as roads in good condition and smooth that connects most of the area Tahura, accommodation and lodging facilities, camp sites and trail in some areas.

For those interested in the world of research (research), Bukit Barisan Tahura can also be made knowledge warehouse. Research is not limited to the areas of flora and fauna but also includes areas of hydrological and socio-cultural.

Accommodation and lodging facilities are scattered around, ranging from Brantagi Sibolangit to either a simple inn or hotel star international standard. As a major heart Tahura in Bukit Barisan Tongkoh.

(Figure 1. Full of twists and road incline to Tahura)

In this Tongkoh has provided lodging facilities, the primary room, library, restaurants, cultural scene, as well as steep aktrasi elephants, as well as animal quarantine facilities. In addition to tours, Tongkoh location is also suitable for research activities, eg sports, etc. Nature Tours Cross.

Community living around Bukit Barisan Tahura consists of ethnic Malays, Karo, Aceh and Batak. Livelihoods main population are farmers and planters. The main production of vegetables are cabbage, green beans, carrots, cabbage, fruits like oranges are very famous Tanah Karo so many dikebunkan passion fruit can be enjoyed here and it was in the form of passion fruit syrup.

Local Government is very pleased with the development of this culture, for example in cultural performances, exhibitions of fruit in the Fruit Festival held every year and so on. Cultural preservation, cultural heritage is also done on such traditional house in Linga.

Barisan Tahura region has two of Mount Sibayak Mountain (2211 m) and Sinabung (2451 m), the mountain is often a challenge for the climbers to conquer. Recommended if you want to climb the mountain first ask permission to the relevant authorities, for the preparation of all things, and very necessary to guide safety.

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