West Kalimantan Gunung Asuansang Nature Recreation Park

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Gunung Asuansang Nature Recreation Park

(Surat Keputusan) Menhutbun No. 259/Kpts-II/2000, 23 Agustus 2000. Luas areal 5.821 hektar.

Appointment area located in District Liku, Sambas district is based on the Spatial Plan of West Kalimantan Province in 1995, with an area 4464 ha. Further emphasized by the passing of the decree. Menhut No. 259/Kpts-II/2000 dated August 23, 2000.
Mountain Nature Park Asuansang is geographically located at 1 -ª 49’0 “N and 109 -ª 29’0” BT. Based on the topography map of 1972, the area has a height of Mount Asuansang between 0 meters above sea level – 600 meters above sea level. Physiography flat, hilly and mountainous with sloping ramps between 3% – 15% and a bit steep to steep, with slopes ranging from 15% – 45%.
Vegetation is dominated by the families Myrtaceae, Dipterocarpaceae family, family Sapotaceae and Euphorbiaceae families. For this type of orchid (Orchidaceae) in this region identified 9 types. Generally composed of species of orchids as Acriopsis javanica epipit, Agrostophylum sp, sp Bulbophyllum, Coelogyne spp, anusnum Dendrobium, Bulbophyllum latifolia, Pholidota Scortechinii sp and sp.
Species of mammal found in this area is the Long Tail Macaque (Macaca fascicularis), monkey (Macaca nemestrina), Javan (Presbitys sp), deer (Cervus unicolor), Binturong (Arctitis binturong) and Warthog (Sus barbatus), pangolin (Manis javanica) and Kelempiau (Hylobates muellerii). Birds are most commonly found, especially of water birds such as Sternidae, Accepitridae and Estrildidae. Besides the water birds of this area is also rich in species of the jungle birds and bush birds and bird species night.
Several types of reptiles found in the python (Python molurus bivittatus), Snake Punai (Trimeresurus wagleri), Green Snake (Ahaetula nasuta). Family Cicak-cicakanseperti Gecko (Draco volans), Bengkarung (Mabuya sp) and the Monitor lizard (Varanus borneensis). Family Amphibia found is Racophorus, Rana and Bufonidae which consists of several genera and species. Types of Amphibia are generally found near rivers and moist areas, except for the type Racophorus sp.
– Pontianak – Paloh ………. Public bus ………….. 8 hours
– Paloh – Regions ………. Motorcycles ………… 2 hours
Balai KSDA West Kalimantan
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Ph. 0561-735635, 760949
Fax 0561-747004

List of Birds (2 species) :

Egretta garzetta
Halcyon chloris 

List of Mammals (3 species) :

Species Red Data Book Cites
Helarctos malayanus Deficient Data App I
Nasalis larvatus Vulnerable App I
Tragulus javanicus

List of Reptiles (5 species):

Species Red Data Book Cites
Chelonia mydas Endengered App I
Crocodylus sp.
Eretmochelys imbricata Critically Endengered App I
Python sp.
Varanus salvator App II

List of Vegetations (4 species) :

Species Red Data Book Cites
Bruguiera sp.
Ceriops tagal
Lumnitzera sp.
Rhizophora sp.


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