Situ Cipondoh lake area

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Situ Cipondoh lake area

Situ Cipondoh

Latitude : 6 11 43 S Logitude : 106 46 28 E
Altitude : 0 to 50 metres
Area : 119 ha Wetlands: 70 ha
Tenure : Government of Indonesia-Pemda Kodya Tanggerang
Site Description
Situ Cipondoh is one of man-made lakes in Tanggerang, West Java. The lake area is 70 ha (60% of the total area of the site). Water supply to Situ Cipondoh comes from Rawa Lobang Buaya and Rawa Pondok Jagong, besides from near settlements. The average water volume of the Situ (lake) is 552.315 m3, but during rainy season the water volume may raise to 787.130m3, and 305.473m3 during dry season. Generally, at the bank of the lake is utilised as agriculture land, estates and settlement. About 6.257 inhabitants live near the lake. One of the nearest settlement is Komplek Cipondoh Makmur Indah, where during rainy season the Komplek is often flooded. Some textile and leather industries (34) occur near the lake. Gultom (1995) reported at least 8 waterbird species occur in the site area: Ixobrychus cinnamomeus (Kokokan), Porzana pussila (Tikus Kaki Kuning), Ardeola speciosa (Blekok), Ardea purpurea (Cangak merah), Gallinula chloropus (mandar batu), Porphoryo porphorio (mandar besar) and Anhinga melanogaster (Pecuk ular). Shrubs are often used as habitats for waterbirds. About 23.10 ha of the lake is coverd by water weeds, leaving 22.73 ha of open waters. About 27 water plant species were reported to occur in the site (Gultom, 1995).
Site Location
Situ Cipondoh is located near the road that connects Cileduk with Tanggerang.

List of Crustaceans (2 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Candida laevis
Macrobrachium sintangense

List of Mollusks (5 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Bellamya javanica
Corbicula javanica
Lymnaea rubiginosa
Melanoides tuberculata
Pila scutata

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