Rawa Lakbok Swamp

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Rawa Lakbok Swamp


c.7-ª24’S, 108-ª31’E; near Banjar, Ciamis, West Java.
3,000 ha.
Description of site:
A large area of peat swamp and grassland in the interior of West Java; probably the largest area of peat swamp in Java and possibly the largest topogenous peat marsh in Indonesia. Peat depths of up to six metres have been recorded. The peat deposits originated in a basin bounded to the south, west and northwest by hill ranges. The swamp drains southeast into the Rawa Biuk through a gap in the ridge between the Lakbok and Biuk basins. Reclamation of the swamp was begun as early as 1924. Clearing of the original vegetation has been so drastic that the former impenetrable swamp has been reshaped into an almost treeless plain with cultivated areas and swampy fallow lands.
Climatic conditions:
Humid tropical climate with an annual rainfall of 2,940-3,600mm. There is no pronounced dry season, the driest month being July with a rainfall of 72-98 mm.
Principal vegetation:
Marsh grasses. The area formerly supported extensive swamp forests with many species that are now rare in Java, such as Ficus retusa, Elaeocarpus littoralis, Nephralepis radicans, Scirpodendron ghaeni, Flascopa scand ens, Stenochlaena palustris and Licuala sp. Whether or not any of this forest remains is uncertain.
Land tenure:
State owned (Indonesian Government).
Conservation measures taken:
Conservation measures proposed:
A survey should be conducted as soon as possible to determine the conservation importance of this wetland, which is of a type now rare in Java.
Land use:
No information.
Disturbances and threats:
Agricultural encroachment, hunting and bird-netting.
Economic and social values:
No information.
The area is thought to be of importance for waterbirds, but no information is available.
Special floral values:
Natural swampy grasslands of this type are now rare in Java.

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