Gunung Papandayan Nature Reserve

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Gunung Papandayan Nature Reserve

Papandayan, Gunung Papandayan Nature Reserve, Cagar Alam

The 6,500 ha area surrounding the 2,622 m Gunung Papandayan forms an unique volcanic landscape, 36 km southwest of Garut. The volcano has a number of craters: Kawah Alun-Alun, Kawah Papandayan and Kawah Mas. The most visited crater is Kawah Mas (Golden Crater). You can descent into this crater and enter an underworld of lava, ashes, poisonous gasses, hissing mud pooles and golden sulphur deposits. Be careful, this is not the ideal environment for humans and I presume you want to return to the normal world. Take a guide!
To get to the reserve, hire a bemo in Garut. You can reach the reserve by public transport form Garut as well, but this will take a lot of time (4 hours). If you prefer the last option take a minibus with destination Cisurupan and get out in the centre of this kampung. From the centre, take the right-hand road and walk the last 10 km to Gunung Papandayan. Several guides and motor-cyclists offer their services at the cross-road.
* Garut
o Hotel Nasional
o Penginapan Gelora
o Pribumi
o Biasa
* Cipanas
o Tirtagangga
o Wisma PKPN
o Penginapan Nasional
o Kotah Indah Guest House
o Tirta Merta

Mount Papandayan is the southest of Mountain Range which ranging from the South Part of Bandung city. Mount Papandayan is quite popular in West Java for it’s beauty and unique scenery.

Some facilities to reach this mount has been built, like some asphalt roads to make it easy to get to the area. Tourist Guides are also provided. It is suggested to use their service, especially to those first-timers.

Wonderful Scenery around Mount Papandayan

Taking steps in Mount Papandayan must be aware of. The soil is sometimes very soft. We can see some breaking on the white soil with thick haze.

Beautiful scenery along the mount climbing which can be seen is a colored natural lake. This is a natural green lake which still spills out strong scent, which comes from the sulfuric layer under the lake. Mount Papandayan is an active volcano, here, the role of a guide is very needed. For family vacation, a guide is very much recommended.

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