Java West Lembang Fort Gunung Putri

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West Java Lembang Fort Gunung Putri

Highlands around Bandung was the colonial governments centre of defense. Java was defended by four divisions (40,000 troops), including British, Americans and Australians. This Allied force was coordinated from the HQ in Lembang, led by Lt. Gen. H. Ter Poorten of the colonial army. The seat of the colonial government was moved from Jakarta (then Batavia) to Bandung. The Japanese force which landed on Eretan Wetan was the Syoji Detachment (5,000 troops). They were tasked to take Bandung. One batallion moved south through Anjatan, another moved west throughPamanukan, while the rest went along Cipunagara River. The Wakamatsu Batallion took Kalijati airfield with no effective resistance by the RAF. On 5th March 1942, all Japanese units in Kalijati were prepared to attack Dutch defensive in Ciater prior manouvering to Bandung. The Dutch were forced to retreat from Ciater to Lembang, their last defensive line. On 6th March 1942, Ter Poorten, as the Dutch Army commander, ordered the commander of Bandung defensive line, Maj. Gen. J. J. Pesman, not to conduct combat activities in Bandung, and instead conduct a negotiation to hand over troops on the north-south line, which passed through Purwakarta and Sumedang

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