Riau Lingga Fort Bukit Cening

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Sumatra Riau Lingga Fort Bukit Cening


The fortification was built on a hill. Its entrance is located on the north side, at Kampong Seranggo, Daik Sub-district. The forts southern side borders with a cliff, which faces Kolombok Strait. Daik Mount and Sepincan are on the north to the fort, Mepar Island is on the southwest to the fort. The Bukit Cening fortification is a defensive post of Lingga Island, a part of a larger defensive system consisting of Tanjung Cengkeh (Mala) fortification, Mepar Island fortification, Parit fortification, and Pabean fortification (where temporary office of the regent of Lingga is currently located). The fortification system was built to hold Dutch advances which attempted to get into the centre of Melayu Riau-Lingga Kingdom, the city of Daik. The fortification was built by piling and strengthening earth. The fortification has rectangular plan, with the length of 32 meters, wide of 30 meters and the height of 1-1.5 meters. There is a ditch (now partly covered by earth) on the fortifications left and right sides. There are 19 canons at the fortification, which are put in a row on the south side. The canons length: 2-2.80 meters with the diameter of 8-12 centimeters. Inscriptions on the canons shows the years of 1783 and 1797.

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