Java Central Cilacap Fort Pendem

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Java Central Cilacap Fort Pendem

The fort is located in the hills Pendem Kaliwaru Hamlet, Hamlet Bapangsari Krendetan, Kec. Bagelen at a height of 200 m above sea level. The fort is a heritage Pendem Japanese army which was built in 1945 for a total of 29 pieces. In the first wartime goal of this fort was built as a place of Japan’s defense and reconnaissance in the face of the enemy, especially coming from the South Seas. Unfortunately, as a silent witness to history, the fort was not maintained. In the future expected this fortress can be a concern primarily the local government aspects of the treatment so as to attract tourists to visit. During this site visit the Citadel many young people as a place of recreation. The fort was built by the Dutch between 1861-1879 AD is widely have the original 10.5 hectares. But apparently some four acres taken by Pertamina for the construction of one of its facilities in the area. The fort is sempet buried soil for some time, before finally discovered in 1986 and began excavated in 1987. Since then, the fort was opened to the visitors and researchers who want to visit this castle. Since that afternoon the sky was overcast and the atmosphere of evening began to dim, making the typical atmosphere of an ancient fortress that dashing, mysterious, spooky and beautifully mixed together. Pak Slamet, the fort was one of the guards took us to wander this stronghold. Barak first thing we encounter is resting barracks forced workers already working in the daytime and at night slept in the barracks this. Semicircular Barak is indeed unique and beautiful, because of its ancient forms as well as around the site seems well maintained. After the retreat into the barracks again is where the cannon, the cannon holes towards the ocean ready to attack enemies that come. While the cannon-cannon itself was gone, either taken by the Dutch themselves or by people who are not responsible. Opposite where the cannon is the clinic space, is a treatment room for the workers who got sick. Still in the direction of the clinic space is a prison kitchen and living room. Another uniqueness of this castle is, once the ship could directly enter into this fortress, as evidenced by the presence of an artificial stream directly through to the high seas. Having tired of wandering in the Fort Pendem Read more at: Copyright

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