Java Central Ambarawa Fort Willem I

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Java Central Ambarawa Fort Willem I

Ambarawa has an altitude about 475-50 meters above the sea level. Since 1840s, it was a plantation town, because Ambarawa has excellent climate for the agricultural products especially coffee plantation [Cultuur Stelsel]. Located in Central Java about 30 km south of Samarang [North Coast] or 80 km north of Djocja [South Coast], and surrounded by mountains as well. From the military perspective, Ambarawa was sited near the strategic axis of Samarang – Souracarta. In the mid of 18th century, the VOC established some fortifications along the route Samarang-Oenarang-Sallatiega-Souracarta. It was designed to establish the connection between the Company and the Mataram Kingdom. Therefore, many military encampments have been established in those towns. In period Java War 1827-30, Colonel Hoorn, Military Commander in the 2nd division to the crossroads at Bawen (where the main roads of Samarang-Djocja and Samarang-Sallatiega are united), had the bamboo sheds for storing reserve forces and provided as complementary to, if he becomes available (military logistic) in Ambarawa. This point was so convenient. Post Java War period, during Koningin Willem II, a modern fort Willem I was established in 1834-53 at that former bamboo sheds of military logistic storage. Fort William I was formerly known as a big army camp of KNIL. The camp was connected by rail to Semarang and Yogyakarta. Present day, this fort is still purposed as penitentiary building, which sited in land of Battalion Cavalry 2 – Indonesian Forces. From Ambarawa, here we took a walk to cruise inside the Fort Willem I on Sunday, 27th of September 2009.

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