Java Central Ungaran Fort Willem II

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Central Java Ungaran Fort Willem II

This fort has been established in the year 1746, when the Kraton of Mataram under ruler Paku Buwono II was moved from Kartosuro to Surakarta (Solo). When the new kraton was built Fort “De Grootmoedigheid” was erected in front of it. On May 11, 1746 governor-general Gustaaf Baron van Imhoff arrived at Ungaran to have a meeting with PB II. To remember that moment the fort at Ungaran was named “De Ontmoeting” (“The Meeting”). In Salatiga another fort was build with the name “Hersteller” (“The Restorer”), this name was given to Von Imhoff because he restored the relations between Mataram and the VOC. In Boyolali another small fort named “Veldwachter” (“County watcher”) was established. The road between Semarang and the Kraton in Surakarta was very important so it was protected with several forts. The fort has been rebuild in 1786. In September 1811 general J.W. Janssens retired in this fort when he had to flee for the English troops that were conquering Java under command of major-general Auchmuty. The place was called Oenarang in those days. A few days later general Janssens surrendered at Tuntang near Salatiga. The road between Semarang and Central Java has always been important, as it provided the Mataram court access to the sea through the important harbour of Semarang. The road was also used by Rijklof van Goens when he travelled as an envoy of the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) to the Mataram court to pay respect to the ruler Amangkurat 1 in name of the Company. Between 1648 and 1654 he travelled this road 5 times. The journey went from Batavia to Semarang by sea, from Semarang the VOC servant had to walk together with the soldiers of Mataram for 4 days through the rough mountains of Central Java. Rijklof van Goens wrote about these journeys and left us wonderful descriptions in his ‘Javasche Reijsen’.

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