Aceh Duroeng Fort Kuta Dianjong

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Aceh Duroeng Fort Kuta Dianjong

Historically, Lamnga village, Masjid Raya Sub-district is the seat of government, where during the Aceh Kingdom era the district heads assembled and is under supervision of the sultan. Lamnga is the local word for a village or hamlet that is strategically locaed to serve as the seat of government during the Aceh Kingdom era, governed by a village head (Ulee Balang), and is a free state (bibeuh) directly under the supervision of the reigning Sultan. For example, Meulee Sabang while the lamnga in Great Mosque Sub-district was the seat og Aceh Kingdom government. Since lamnga is also a stragtegic defense post of the kingdom, fortifications were also built in a lamnga. According to historical data Teuku Ujong Arun Abas had once commanded Fort Podiamat/Podianiet, Fort Madat, Fort Dianjung and Fort Indrapatra. The following forts were under the supervision of Mukim Lamnga Sultan Ibrahim Mansyur Syah: 1. Fort Kuta Po-Daniet in Neuheun 2. Fort Kuta Madat in Duroeng village 3. Fort Kuta Dianjong in Duroeng village 4. Fort Kuta Indra Patra in Ladong 5. Fort Kuta Inong Balee in Landong 6. Kuta Lam in Lamnga

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