West Sumatra Pagaruyung Istana Silinduang Bulan

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West Sumatra Pagaruyung Istana Silinduang Bulan




Istano Silinduang Bulan is located in the center of the kingdom Pagaruyung. Palace measuring 28 x 8 meter is also called the House Gadang odd space. The palace was founded in the old palace site which burned in 1966 or about two kilometers north of the Palace Basa (burned 2007). Thus, there is Istano Silinduang Bulan now no longer the original palace, but a replica that has been rebuilt to replace the old palace on fire. Istano Silinduang Bulan has some uniqueness that is worth a look. From the style of the building, Istano Silinduang Bulan use the style “Alang Babega”, this is different from the other palaces in the Minangkabau that consumed more Gajah Maharam style buildings, Rajo Babandiang, Sitinjau Lauik and so forth. Style “Alang Babega” This is a building style typical of the place where the king and the family was staying. On the walls of the palace is decorated with various types of carving. Among them: Pucuak Rabuang and Aka Cino combined with glass ornaments Tabentang Kalangik. In the above jalousie windows with carved translucent with Si Kambang Manih motif. In the section below the edge of the roof, called dampa-dampa decorated with carvings of three types namely: Banana Sasikek, Aka Cino and Tantadu Bararak. At the entrance can also be seen various types of carving such as: squirrel Managun, Leaves Body, Saik Wajik, Bungo Lado, Fruit Palo Bapatah, Itiak Home Patang. So Istano Silinduang Bulan is one house that has a carving Relic Tower Minang very beautiful and amazing. Meanwhile Istano Silinduang Moon roof has seven gonjong (canopy) is standing strong and majestic towering into the sky. On the page Istano Silinduang Bulan stood two rangkiang. Rangkiang a rice storage place for families of the Kingdom of Pagaruyung. Both rangkiang Bayau was named Si and Si-bayau Lauik Review. As a Royal palace Pagaruyung, Istano Silinduang Month today still many heirlooms Kingdom Pagaruyung treated well. Royal heirloom that there is certainly interesting to be seen and observed.

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