North Sumatra Museum Simalungun Pematang Siantar

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North Sumatra Museum Simalungun  Pematang SiantarMuseum-Simalungun--Pematang-Siantar-01

Simalungun Museum is building a store spesipik Simalungun various objects and relics antiquities in Simalungun royals. Various collections of the Museum Simalungun located in the city center Pematangsiantar include: A. Household appliances such as: – Parborasan (Place of storing rice) – Pasu dish (rice dish for the King) – Tatabu (place to store water) – Abal-abal (place to store the salt) – And so on. 2. Agricultural equipment such as: – Wewean (memintai tool string) – Hudali (Hoes) – Trowel (plowing tool) – Agadi (Tool to tap palm wine) – And so on. Museum Simalungun 3. Fishing equipment such as: – Bubu (Fishing from Bamboo) – Taduhan (Place the fish store) – Hirang-lurang (reservoir fishing nets) – Hail (Kail) – And so on. 4. Art tools such as: – Ogung – Sarunai – Mong-mong – Sordam – Hesek – Arbab – Gondrang – Husapi, etc.. 5. Jewelry tools, such as: – Suhul ivory (dagger) – Raut (knife) – Mutual (male cap) – Bajut (Handbag) – Bulang (hood Women) – Suri-suri (Shawl Women) – Gondit (men Belts) – Dorami (Watch man’s head)

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