Riau, Dragon Boat Race, Tanjung Pinang

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Riau, Dragon Boat Race, Tanjung Pinang


Tanjung Pinang as the capital of Riau Island charm in store tours, ranging from cultural tourism, historical, and nautical. One of the nautical heritage that still survives is the Dragon Boat Race by the local community also known as the “Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race”.

The history of the tradition of Dragon Boat entry into the city is not separated from the influence of the interaction between the kingdom and the Malay Kingdom of Chinese merchants. In ancient times, the Kingdom of Malay has a close relationship with the kingdom of China (China), such as diplomatic relations, trade, and education. It is inseparable from the attitude of the Malay community is friendly and ready to accept anyone as his own. In the process of interaction, the place of cultural assimilation among immigrant communities with the local community. In recognition of migrants to the host community, then they introduced the boat race is typical of Chinese society is also called the Dragon Boat Race. Along with the colonization by the Dutch to Malay kingdom on the island Penyengat especially since the late 19th to early 20th century, making this activity stopped in quite a long time.

Just in 1992, the Local Government again raised Tanjung Pinang City Dragon Boat Race activities that had long been drowned. In early implementation, the Dragon Boat Race is only for people in the province of Riau (before the regional division of Riau Islands Province). This is done, remember, is still the lack of athletes who owned the area and the lack of sponsorship and promotions. However, not long after the activities Dragon Boat Race held in Tanjung Pinang diperlombakan to the national level followed by the athletes from various provinces in Indonesia and neighboring countries, like Malaysia, Singapore, and European countries, namely Britain and the Czech Republic.

In its development, this activity has always held as one of the maritime cultural assets to attract tourists to visit Tanjung Pinang city. Activities that take place every mid-November, since 2002, established as one of the City Government’s annual event Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands Province.

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