Riau Islands, Pelawan Beach

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Riau Islands, Pelawan Beach



Want to see the beach which has crystal clear water and there are lots of fish? Coast-fighting place.
The beach is like an impressionist painting when dusk glaze in a small bay flanked by two headlands. Meandering coastline as accidental. Sights on the beach is very charming, especially when night falls. Light bounced off the moon was above sea level with a pale yellow color. Visitors can also enjoy roasted corn or a mere play of sea water.

Coast-fighting is a white sand beach with yellowish. Wide expanse of beach and the color blue with rocks scattered around the beach. The stones can be used to sit and relax while enjoying the waves.

On the beach, surrounded by the beautiful mangrove forests. Naturalness of this beach is also still very awake visible from the beach clean. In certain months such as the end of the year, this beach is a potential area for surfing because the waves are rolling and the wind is very fitting.

At the turn of the year, the area is crowded beach crowded with visitors who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Typically, to animate the New Year’s Eve there were a number of events prepared by the local government around this beach area.

Far less of the beach cottages available or halls with roofs of palm and bamboo mats for sitting around enjoying the scenery. Visitors can also enjoy snacks and beverages can be ordered at places to eat around the beach.

In some locations there are many many restaurants offering typical Malay food, sea food, snacks, instant noodles, soft drinks, and coconut water. A number of beachfront inn with different rates are also found in the surrounding region.

If you like fishing, the beach is rich in marine life. Visitors can fish in a number of points scattered around the coast. If not satisfied, you can also hire pompong or boat from local fishermen to sailing and fishing to the sea. Because at this beach there are many fish, so do not be too far away to sea to be able to carry a hefty catch. Visitors can also learn to fish from local fishermen and the fishermen feel.

Numerous water sports can also be done in this place, such as diving (diving). Or if not proficient enough for diving, snorkeling visitors can do that just floating above the sea while enjoying the beauty beneath the sea. Visitors can also sail, or play banana boat.

To reach this place, from Hang Nadim Airport, at Jalan Hang Nadim, Batu Besar Batam, Riau Islands, visitors can climb aboard the purpose-Batam Karimun. The journey by boat from Batam takes about 2 hours. Or it can be also of Sri Bintan Pura Harbor, Tanjung Pinang, using the ship purpose-Karimun Tanjung Pinang takes about 1 hour. The beach is located in Pangke contrarian, Meral, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands. Located about 30 kilometers from downtown, Balai Karimun, and time-consuming trips to the beach fighting about 45 minutes. Or you can also rent a speed boat from Batam to Karimun.

Currently, there is no public transport to reach the beach. To go it, should the use of private vehicles or taxis. Visitors can also use a taxi without a meter which is operated by people around who are all around the harbor. Or can also hire a rental car at a price of Rp 350,000-Rp 500,000 per day plus the cost of gasoline.

If you want to stay, visitors can stay at the inn locations scattered around the city of Tanjung Balai, as in Jalan Nusantara, Jalan Teuku Umar, Mines Road, and Jalan Setia Budi.

Being in the coast-fighting really fun. If you want to enjoy the beauty and naturalness of the beach, there’s no harm in visiting the beach in Pulau Karimun contrarian.

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