North Sumatra Lingga Village

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North Sumatra Lingga Village




Lingga village, Brastagi – North Sumatra – Indonesia Lingga village situated at an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level, approximately 15 miles from Brastagi. Lingga is a unique Batak Karo village, has traditional houses of the estimated age of 250 years, but his condition is still sturdy. The house was inhabited by 5-6 families who still have ties of kinship. Karo custom home does not have a room that is separated by a barrier of wood or other wall. There are cultural attractions in the village of Lingga ca. 16 km to the south of the city Brastagi. Fairly good roads, and public transportation is available. Lingga village has traditional buildings such as: custom homes, Jambur, geriten, dimples, sapo page and museum karo. Geriten, used as a storage skeleton of certain families that are considered special. Karo has a custom home features and a very special form, in which there is a large room and has no rooms. One house inhabited by 8 or 10 families. The traditional house of houses on stilts, height about 2 feet off the ground supported by poles, generally amounted to 16 pieces of large wood.

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