Aceh, Painters House

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Aceh, Painters House


Thahir and I stopped for a coffee next to this house. We chatted with the owner Painter he was proud of the symbols on the top. They are variations on traditional Acehnese symbols; the ‘rencong’ Acehenese dagger, the star and crescent an Islamic association and ‘kopiah’ the hat of the hero Teuku Umar (also used in male wedding dress).

He asked me to put the following text with the photo. It is in Acehnese which I do not understand . Thanks to Jeremy Bonnett and a friend from the office it is translated below. H20 is a new political party. Previously in Indonesia political parties were only allowed that were present across the whole country. As part of the peace settlement, between the Government of Indonesia and the GAM, for the first time parties only present locally could be represented.

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