West Sumatra Cubadak Paradiso Village

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West Sumatra Cubadak Paradiso Village


Paradiso Village consists of 13 bungalows 1 Suite bungalow over water 1 restaurant with annexed kitchen, television and reading area a pier with terrace and bar a house for the personnel and some minor constructions. All buildings, except for the personnel house are built on stilts according to the local architecture and made of local essences of wood ; they are covered by palm leaf roofs The cottages for the clientele are 12, all facing the sea; The maximum capacity of the Village is 35 guests : intimacy and privacy are always afforded even when the resort is full. The beach stretches over 1,5 km and the land occupied by the Village is around 7 hectares. Electricity is available 24 hours a day and water flows directly from a source of pure mineral water located on the hill.

12 Cottages available for rent with various capacities ranging from 2 to 6 persons maximum 4 Cottages for 2 pax 4 for 3 pax 2 for 4 pax The family suite for up to 6 pax The suite over water, ideally intended for honeymooners. All cottages except the suites are built on stilts over 2 storey and are made of local woods. The upper floor is fitted with a double bed with ceiling fan while the ground floor features a lounge with safe, minibar and, depending on the capacity, 1 or 2 single beds. The en-suite bathroom provides shower facilities with hot and cold water and toilets. All cottages have a veranda overlooking the lagoon. Electricity is available 24 hours a day. All beds are fitted with mosquito nets. The furnishings, made of rattan, carpets, and blankets are all hand made and the walls are decorated with antique Minangkabau wood carvings and clothes. There is no need for air conditioning in the resort due to the proximity of the sea & neighbouring mountains. Temperatures fall at night down to 23 – 24 degrees, and we actually provide blankets for rainy nights. The Suite over water : Is a larger cottage built directly on the sea. It has its own private pier and a double, surrounding terrace. On the sea side a ladder provides direct access to snorkeling and on the land side, another one to a private, secluded beach. The interior, specially designed for two only, offers wider space with a fitting room and double sink bathroom.

In a Franco-Italian establishment, the cuisine is considered of main importance. Cubadak offers a mix of Indonesian, Padang, Chinese Mandarin and Italian cuisines. Of course the main choice of dishes comes from the sea, according to the daily catches of the fishermen: crabs, fishes, squids, octopus, lobsters, prawns etc. The food is light, delicious, and one of the main priorities of the management. The restaurant has a maximum of 4 tables depending on the occupancy, our guests share all their meals including with the management staff. Our clients take opportunity of meal hours to share their travelling experiences between each other, or to discuss their activities with the management. breakfast is served from 7h30 till lunch time Lunch is served at 1h30 and dinner at 8h00 pm Flexibility is afforded to families traveling with young children with a separate dinner at 19.00 All meals are one single menu and we make it a point that guests staying up to 2 weeks with us will never be served twice the same dish. All meals comprise at least one fish dish and one meat dish (pork is not available), a salad, fresh vegetables and lots of tropical fruits. Desserts and the various Italian or Chinese pasta are doubtless a major ingredient of Cubadak’s fame… Specific diets and restrictions : Please let us know if you are on a specific diet. We can easily accommodate vegetarians, gluten-free menus etc… according to your particular needs.

At no cost : Snorkeling: with snorkeling equipments being freely at disposal. Our beach is bordered by a coral reef where most tropical reef fishes of the Indo-pacific region may be seen in abundance, with exception to large species such as sharks or manta rays, not prevalent in this area. Canoeing Fun sailing with a dingy Sailing Walking through the jungle. Although not long our paths are actual treks : don’t forget to bring at least your training shoes along ! Picnics to neighbouring islands are organized once or twice per week depending on weather conditions Charged as extra : Diving : in the house reef for beginners or in any of our 18 exclusive dive sites. PADI courses are also available. Water skiing, wake or knee boarding. Excursions within the close Sumatra proximity (to the Kerinci Volcano for example).

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