Sumatra, National parks and Nature Reserves Map

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Sumatra has 11 National Parks

Gunung Leuser National Park
Siberut  National Park
Bukit Tiga puluh National Park
Kerinci Seblat  National Park
Berbak National Park
Batang Gadis National Park
Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park
Bukit Dua Belas National Park
Tesso Nilo National Park
Way Kambas   National Park and 17 Nature Reserves

Pulau Weh Marine Park and Iboih Recreation Park
Pulau Simeulue Wildlife Reserve
Pulau Banyak Nature Park
Karang Gading Langkat Timur Laut Wildlife Reserve
Grand Forest Park Bukit Barisan
Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve and Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve
Lembah Anai Nature Reserve
Lembah Harau Nature Reserve
Kerumutan Wildlife Reserve
Danau Pulau Besar and Danau Bawah Wildlife Reserve
Pulau Berkeh Nature Reserve
Pulau Burung Nature Reserve
Giam-Siak Kecil Wildlife Reserve
Kelompok Hutan Bakau Pantai Timor Nature Reserve
Padang Sugihan Wildlife Reserve
Bukit Kaba Nature Park and Tabah Penanjung Nature Reserve
Harapan Rainforest Nature Reserve


1 National Parks,
3 Nature Reserves,
14 Proposed Nature Reserves

Nort Sumatra

2 National Parks,
2 Nature Reserves,
35 Proposed Nature Reserves

West Sumatra

2 National Parks,
3 Nature Reserves,
28 Proposed Nature Reserves


2 National Parks,
5 Nature Reserves,
44 Proposed Nature Reserves


2 National Parks,
2 Nature Reserves,
19 Proposed Nature Reserves


1 National Parks,
1 Nature Reserves,
44 Proposed Nature Reserves

South Sumatra

1 National Parks,
1 Nature Reserves,
23 Proposed Nature Reserves


1 National Parks,
0 Nature Reserves,
8 Proposed Nature Reserves


12 National Parks,
18 Nature Reserves,
215 Proposed Nature Reserves


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