West Sumatra Rimbo Panti and Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve

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Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve and
Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve 

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Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve lies 100 km from Bukittinggi and comprises an area of 3,000 ha. The area is dominated by swamp forest with smaller parts consisting of tropical rainforest and secondary forest. Several monkey species, the Malayan sun bear, Sumatran tigers, Giant flying squirrels and many birds and butterflies live inside the reserve.
On the road to Rimbo Panti you’ll pass the Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve. This little reserve (3 ha) has been established for the preservation of the Rafflesia, which usually flowers in September or October.
Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve can be reached by bus from Bukittinggi. Take a bus to Prapat. For the Rafflesia reserve get out in Batang Palupuh, a little village 16 km from Bukittinggi.
If you leave the public bus in Batang Palupuh you have to wait for at least 2 hours before the next bus will arrive. It’s easier and more convenient to get on a tourist bus to Prapat. The tourist bus stops in Batang Palupuh for a short visit to the Rafflesia Reserve and later continues to Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve and Prapat.
* Rimbo Panti
o Village Hotel
* Bukittinggi
o Many possibilities
KSDA, Padang

* Apocynaceae
* Burseraceae
* Dipterocarpaceae
* Gutiraferae
* Bunga padma – Rafflesia arnoldi
* Sterculiaceae

* Malayan pangolin – Manis javanica
* Pig-tailed macaque – Macaca nemestrina
* Mitred leaf monkey – Presbytis melalophos
* Silvered leaf monkey – Trachypithecus cristatus
* Orangutan – Pongo pygmaeus
* Siamang – Symphalangus syndactylus
* Clouded leopard – Neofelis nebulosa
* Sumatran tiger – Panthera tigris sumatrae
* Malayan sun bear – Helarctos malayanus
* Malayan tapir – Tapirus indicus
* Sumatran serow – Naemorhedus sumatraensis
* Barking deer – Muntiacus muntjak
* Wild boar – Sus scrofa
* Common short-tailed porcupine – Hystrix brachyura

* Great Argus – Argusianus argus
* Lesser Whistling-Duck – Dendrocygna javanica
* Oriental Pied-Hornbill – Anthracoceros albirostris
* Black Hornbill – Anthracoceros malayanus
* Rhinoceros Hornbill – Buceros rhinoceros
* Great Hornbill – Buceros bicornis
* Helmeted Hornbill – Buceros vigil
* Wrinkled Hornbill – Aceros undulatus
* Black-capped Kingfisher – Halcyon pileata
* Asian Emerald Cuckoo – Chrysococcyx maculatus
* Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot – Loriculus galgulus
* Large Green-Pigeon – Treron capellei
* Black Eagle – Ictinaetus malayensis
* Black-thighed Falconet – Microhierax fringillarius
* Woolly-necked Stork – Ciconia episcopus
* Hooded Pitta – Pitta sordida
* Yellow-rumped Flycatcher – Ficedula zanthopygia
* Hill Myna – Gracula religiosa


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