West Sumatra Lembah Harau Nature Reserve

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 West Sumatra

Lembah Harau Nature Reserve



General  Lembah Harau Nature Reserve lies 47 km north-east of Bukittinggi in the province West Sumatra. The reserve consists of tropical forests, limestone formations, waterfalls and a little natural history museum. Locals visit this little reserve (270 ha) on Sundays.
Take a bus to Payakumbuh from Aur Kuning station in Bukittinggi. From Payakumbuh catch a local minibus to the market place and from there a minibus to Sari Lama or Lamaksari. From Sari Lama it’s a one hour walk (4 km) to the entrance of the reserve. You don’t need a permit but you have to pay a little admission. At the entrance you can find a guide and get a map of the area.
* Bukittinggi
o Many possibilities
* Payakumbuh
o The Echo
Tarantang Lb. Limpato
Payakumbuh 26271
Sumbar, Indonesia
+ 62 752 50306
Email: [email protected]
Web: mailto:http://www.geocities.com/habibneven/the_echo.html
Jub Balai Konsenasi Jumbu Drya Nam, Padang

* Siamang – Hylobates syndactylus
* Sumatran tiger – Panthera tigris sumatrae
* Malayan tapir – Tapirus indicus
* Sumatran serow – Naemorhedus sumatraensis
* Wild boar – Sus scrofa


The Lembah Anai waterfall is located in the Lembah Anai Nature Reserve near Padang Panjang (West Sumatra, Indonesia). The site comprises an area of 221 ha, consists of the river Anai and the surrounding tropical rain forests in the Anai valley.

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