South Sumatra Gumai Pasemah Wildlife Reserve

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Gumai Pasemah Wildlife Reserve


Pasemah Highland, Sumatra

Longitude (DD) 103.28620615
Latitude (DD) -3.88528344
Designation Wildlife Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1976
IUCN Category IV
Documented Total Area (ha) 45.833
GIS Total Area (ha) 54.590

GUMAI Wildlife Pasemah
a. Location and Area
BC Gumai Pasemah 45,883 ha area is located in Lahat regency of West Sumatra Province. Is geographically located between 103 -ª 02 ‘- 103 -ª 20’ E and 3 -ª 42 ‘- 3 -ª 57’ S.

b. Legal Status
BC Gumai Pasemah appointed by Decree of the Minister of Agriculture
No. 408/Kpts/Um/6/1976 dated July 30, 1976

c. Flora and Fauna
Flora Wildlife Pasemah Gumai consists of two plateaus of the highlands and highlands Gumai Pasemah. Because it is a type of tropical rain forest ecosystem of the plateau, so there is lots of plants are stands of rattan with meranti (Shorea sp.), Rasamala (Altingia exeelsa), suren (Tooma stireni) and a variety of rattan.
Wildlife Fauna Pasemah Gumai type of tropical rain forest ecosystem of the plateau causes the region to be suitable habitat for various kinds of animals, among others; elephant (Elephans maximus), tiger sumatera (Phantera tigris sumatrensis), goat forest (Capricomis sumatrensis) gibbon (Symphalangus ) bird hornbill (Buceros sp.) and birds Argusianus (Argusianus argus).

d. How to reach the location:
Road from the village of Cane Lahat-Lahat Kota 20 km, Lahat District Court Lawang village Jurai -ª 80 km. The best time of visit Month April-September (dry season).
Transport and Communications
Nearest settlement with a BC Gumai Pasemah Sadan Village, a distance of 2 km from the region. To reach the village of Sadan from Palembang, can pass along the road 300 km during the 9 hour journey.

e. Management
Balai KSDA South Sumatra
Jln Col 6 H Burlian Km Puntikayu
Palembang 30,153
Phone / Fax 0742 410948


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