Siberut National Park Mammals

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Siberut  National Park

11 Mammals

Manis-Javanica-01-200 Macaca-pagensis-01-200 Simias-concolor-01-200 Hylobates-klossii-01-200

Manis Javanica
  Pangolin,Scaly anteaters

Macaca-pagensis, Pagai Island Macaque

Simias concolor, Pig-tailed Langur

Hylobates klossii, Kloss’ gibbon

Presbytis-potenziani-01-200 Amblonyx-cinereus-01-200 Paradoxurus-hermaphrodites-01-200 Aeromys-tephromelas-01-200

Presbytis potenziani, Mentawai leaf monkey

Amblonyx cinereus, Oriental small-clawed otter

Paradoxurus hermaphroditus, Asian Palm Civet

Aeromys-tephromelas, Black Flying Squirrel

Cervus-unicolor-01-200 Sus-scrofa01-200 Dugong-dugon-01-200  

 Cervus unicolor
   Sambar deer
Rusa sambar

Sus scrofa
Wild boar
Babi hutan

Dugong dugon

An intereting site for the endemic animals is :

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