Riau Sumatra National Parks and Nature Reserves Map

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Riau Sumatra National Parks and Nature Reserves Map



   2 National Parks

Bukit Tiga puluh National Park
Tesso Nilo National Park

   5 Nature Reserves

Kerumutan Wildlife Reserve
Danau Pulau Besar and Danau Bawah Wildlife Reserve
Pulau Berkeh Nature Reserve
Pulau Burung Nature Reserve
Giam-Siak Kecil Wildlife Reserve

      44 Proposed Nature Reserves

Air Sawan Nature Reserve
Balai Raja Game Reserve
Bakau Muara Kampar Nature Reserve
Bakau Selat Dumai
Belat Besar Linau Other Area
Bukit Batu Game Reserve
Bukit Bungkuk Nature Reserve
Bukit Mancung Nature Reserve
Bukit Rimbang/Baling-baling Nature Reserve
Danau Bawa & Pulau Besar Nature Reserve
Danau Belat Besar Serkap Game
Danau Tanjung Padang Game Reserve Reserve
Giam Duri Nature Reserve
Holiday Resort Nature Recreation Park
Istana Sultan Siak Recreation Park
Kerumutan Lama Wildlife Reserve
Muara Sungai Guntung Nature Reserve
Muka Kuning (Batam) Nature Recreation Park
Padang Lawas Hunting Park
Peranap Hunting Park
Pulau Alang Besar/ Sinebu Game Reserve Pulau Bakung,Tanjung Bakung
Pulau Bulan Game Reserve
Pulau Gambut Sungai Gaung
Pulau Laut Nature Reserve
Pulau Padang,Tanjung Padang
Pulau Pasir Panjang Recreation Park
Pulau Penyengat Recreation Park
Pulau Rempang Game Reserve
Pulau Rupat
Pusat Pelatihan Gajah Game Reserve
Rawa Gambut Sungai Kampar
Sarang Burung Game Reserve
Seberida Nature Reserve
Siak Kecil Nature Reserve
Sultan Sarif Hasyim Grand Forest Park
Sungai Rokan
Tanjung Datuk Nature Reserve
Tasik Belat Game Reserve
Tasik Besar-Tasik Metas Game Reserve
Tasik Tanjung Padang Game Reserve


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