North Sumatra Sungai Batang Toru Sibolga

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 North Sumatra

Sungai Batang Toru Sibolga Nature reserve


Latitude : 1 20 42 N Logitude : 98 58 19 E
Batang Toru is a 150,000 ha water catchment outside the conservation area that encompasses three regencies: North Tapanuli, Central Tapanuli, and South Tapanuli. Primary rain forest dominates the vegetation cover, which grows on steep hillsides with a more than 60-degree slope.

List of Birds (14 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Amaurornis phoenicurus
Ardea purpurea
Bubulcus ibis
Centropus bengalensis
Dendrocygna javanica
  Dicrurus paradiseus
Egretta alba
Halcyon capensis
Hirundo rustica
Hirundo tahitica
Lonchura maja
Prinia familiaris
Spilornis cheela App II
Treron vernans




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