North Sumatra Siondop Nature Reserves

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 North Sumatra

Siondop Nature Reserves


Latitude : 1 10 12 N Logitude : 99 7 48 E
Altitude : 0 to 70 metres
Area : 17950 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Tenure : Government of Indonesia
Site Description
A lacustrine plain in an enclosed geotectonic basin, drained by the Batang Gadis. Seasonally flooded freshwater swamp. Principal vegetation: Freshwater and peat swamp forest.
Site Location
Siondop is situated on the westwern side of North Sumatra, in Kabupaten Tapanuli Selatan. The site is approximately 20km south west of Padang Sidempuan, within the Air Batang Gadis area. The Trans-Sumatra Highway passes to the east.

List of Birds (19 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Acridotheres javanicus
Alcedo meninting
Apus affinis
Ardea purpurea
Buceros rhinoceros App II
Buceros vigil Insufficiently Know App I
Centropus bengalensis
Collocalia esculenta
Copsychus malabaricus
Copsychus saularis
Dicrurus annectans
Dicrurus paradiseus
Halcyon capensis
Hirundo tahitica
Irena puella
Lonchura maja
Orthotomus ruficeps
Prinia familiaris
Pycnonotus goiavier List of Fish (12 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Anabas testudineus
Anguilla nebulosa
Barbodes schwanenfeldii
Botia hymenophysa
Channa striata
Clarias batrachus
Hampala macrolepidota
Monopterus albus
Mystus nemurus
Osphronemus goramy
Pristis cuspidatus
Trichogaster trichopterus



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