Bengkulu Sumatra Danau Dibawa Nature Reserve

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Bengkulu Sumatra

Danau  Dibawa Padang Nature Reserve




Latitude : 1 1 12 S Logitude : 100 43 48 E
Altitude : 1462 to 1462 metres
Area : 1120 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Site Description
Lake Di bawah is surounded by very step slopes except for northern most part from which a steam flows out of this lake and water from L. Dibawah is the sources of Kwantan river and flow into the Strait of Malaka. The soil covering L. Dibawah area comes mainly from volcanic ash from eruption of Mt. Talang. The maximum depth of the lake is 309 m. The area of the whole catcment basin including that of lake surface is 2930 ha and area of terestrial surface in the catcment basin is 2110 ha

List of Fish (8 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Barbodes gonionotus
Barbodes schwanenfeldii
Cyclocheilichthys armatus
Cyprinus carpio
Hampala macrolepidota
Mystacoleucus padangensis
Osteochilus hasseltii
Tor tambroides

List of Mollusks (4 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Brotia costula
Corbicula sumatrana
Melanoides granifera
Melanoides tuberculata

List of Amphibians (1 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Rana macrodon

List of Vegetations (8 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Azolla pinnata
Cyperus sp.
Eleocharis dulcis
Panicum repens
Polygonum barbatum
Potamogeton polygonifolius
Scirpus mucronatus
Spirodela polyrhiza





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