Bengkulu Sumatra Bukit Kaba Nature Park and Tabah Penanjung Nature Reserve

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Bukit Kaba Nature Park and Tabah Penanjung Nature Reserve




The Bukit Kaba Nature Park consists of 14.000 ha of volcanic terrain in the province Bengkulu. There are 12 active volcanoes in the area, of which Bukit Kaba (1937 m) is the most important. Curup, a village 19 km from the park, lies in the mountains and is very cool. Near Curup, there are some hot springs.
On the road from Bengkulu to Curup, 37 km from Bengkulu, is a restaurant named Taba Penanjung. From there you’ll have a wonderfull view over the Bukit Barisan mountains. Two kilometers uphill from the restaurant lies the 1 ha official Indonesian Rafflesia Reserve Tabah Penanjung.
From Bengkulu take a bus to Curup (85 km) and from there a bus to Kampung Bukit Kaba. For Tabah Penanjung Nature Reserve get out at the restaurant.
* Curup
o Wisma Bukit Kaba

If you are very lucky you may see the bloom of the Rafflesia arnoldii in the Tabah Penanjung Nature Reserve.

* Salvadori’s Pheasant – Lophura inornata
* Schneider’s Pitta – Pitta schneideri
* Black-crowned Pitta – Pitta venusta
* Black-and-crimson Oriole – Oriolus cruentus
* Sumatran Drongo – Dicrurus sumatranus
* Sunda Thrush – Zoothera andromedae
* Rufous-chested Flycatcher – Ficedula dumetoria
* Little Pied Flycatcher – Ficedula westermanni
* Great Tit – Parus major
* Horsfield’s Babbler – Malacocincla sepiarium
* Marbled Wren-Babbler – Napothera marmorata
* Eyebrowed Wren-Babbler – Napothera epilepidota
* Temminck’s Sunbird – Aethopyga temminckii


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