Bengkulu Sumatra Tanjung Laksaha Nature Reserve Bengkulu Utara

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Tanjung Laksaha Nature Reserve Bengkulu Utara


(Surat Keputusan) Menhut No. 385/Kpts-II/1985, 27 Desember 1985. Luas areal 445 hektar.

a. Size and Location
CA Cape Laksana ha area located in North Bengkulu
b. Legal Status
Basic appointment
Decree of the Minister of Forestry
No. 383/Kpts-II/1985
dated December 27, 1985
Size: 445 Ha.
Bengkulu Province.
Kabupaten dati II North Bengkulu
Sub Enggano
102 ° 05 ‘- 102 ° 10’ E and 05 ° 17 ‘- 05 ° 19’30 “S.
Ground conditions at Cape Nature Reserve Laksaha Regosol and alluvial type.
The topography of the area of Cape Nature Reserve Laksaha generally flat with 0-8% slope.
According to climate classification Oldeman, Cape Nature Reserve into Laksaha including climate type A with a rainfall average of 324 mm and the average rain days is 14 days.
c. Potential Flora and Fauna
Flora; pinogo, merbau, wood, cashew, nehek, habihu, banyan, pakoror, and Rengas.
Fauna; fauna in the area of the major nature reserve at the seaside, is semba coral, clam, kucung cat.
Mammals; wild boar
Reptiles; snakes, monitor lizards,
Amphibious; tortoises.
Birds; pigeon, pigeon sea, white stork, and a parrot
d. How to reach the location:
From Pulau Baai to Malakoni 14 hours s / d 19 hours, using the boat to the pioneers of Malakoni Cape Laksaha 1 day and the condition of good beaches and mangroves only grow.
e. Manager Address:
BKSDA Bengkulu
Jl. Mahanani No. 11
Tel. [0736] 21,697


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