Bengkulu Sumatra Pulau Tikus Nature Recreation Park Selatan

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Pulau Tikus Nature Recreation Park Selatan


(Surat Keputusan) Menhut No. 385/Kpts-II/1985, 27 Desember 1985. Luas areal 2,5 hektar.

Provincial governments (provincial) Bengkulu offers, the beauty of natural scenery take the sea, especially around Pulau Tikus, the tourists.

“Under the waters around Pulau Tikus landscape is beautiful sea, is very suitable for tourists who love diving,” said Head of Culture and tourism province of Bengkulu, Bengkulu Edi Nevian on Friday.

In addition, Rat Island is also very suitable visited by the tourists who like fishing, because there sekitarkan rocks inhabited by various species of fish.

Island rat is a small coral island located in the west of Bengkulu City.

Menunju travel attractions that can be gone for about 30 minutes from the coast of Bengkulu City Padri Tread using fishing boats, said Edi Nevian.

The local fishermen in addition to providing boats for hire are also ready to guide the tourists visiting the island rat.

In the past, Rat Island is where the ships anchored for shelter from storm waves Ocean Indonesia.

Extensive island about 100 yards 60 times. On the island there is also a beacon tower.

Rat Island is one of the objects that have been programmed to be managed and reliable object to attract tourists especially pleased with panoramic ocean floor, diving and fishing.

In Bengkulu Province, there are 80 identified tourist attraction and has a uniqueness. From that number as many as 14 of them are beach, eight tirta (water), 22 historic sites and natural scenery 36. (* An)


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