Bengkulu, National Park, Nature Reserve

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Bengkulu Sumatra National Parks and Nature Reserves



   1 National Park

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park

   1 Nature Reserve

Bukit Kaba Nature Park and Tabah Penanjung Nature Reserve

   44   Proposed Nature Reserves

Air Seblat Nature Reserve
Air Alas Nature Reserve
Air Hitam Nature Recreation Park
Air Rami 1 Reg.87 Nature Reserve
Benakat Nature Recreation Park
Bukit Balai Rejang  Protection Forest
Bukit Balal Protection Forest
Bukit Dingin/Gunung Dempo Protection Forest
Bukit Hitam (Sebag) Protection Forest
Bukit Nantiogan Hulu/Nanti Komerung Hulu Protection Forest
Bukit Raja Mandara Protection Forest
Cawang I/II Nature Reserve
Danau Diatas
Danau  Dibawa
Danau Menghijau Nature Reserve
Danau Tes  Nature Reserve
Despatah I/II Nature Reserve
Dusun Besar Nature Reserve
Gunung Patah/Bepagut/Muara Duakisim Protection Forest
Gunung Nanu’ua Nature Recreation Park Kioyo I dan II Nature Reserve
Klowe  Nature Reserve
Konak Nature Reserve
Lubuk Tapi-Kayu Ajaran Nature Recreation Park
Manna Nature Recreation Park
Muko Muko I Nature Reserve
Muko Muko II Nature Reserve
Pager Gunung I/II/III Nature Reserve
Pasar Ngalam ReGunung 1992 Nature Reserve
Pasar Telo Reg.94 Nature Reserve
Pulau Tikus Nature Recreation Park Opslaan
Pungguk Benakat Nature Recreation Park
Pungguk Bingin Protection Forest
Raja Lelo Grand Forest Park
Sungai Bahelo Nature Reserve
Taba Pananjung Nature Reserve
Talang Ulu I/II Nature Reserve
Tanjung Laksaha Nature Reserve
Way Hawang ReGunung 1995 Nature Recreation Park


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