Aceh Pulau Weh Marine Park and Iboih Recreation Park

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Sumatra Aceh

Pulau Weh Marine Park and Iboih Recreation Park


Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh




The island Pulau Weh lies north of the coast of Aceh at the western end of Indonesia. On and around the island are two protected areas: Pulau Weh Marine Park (2,600 ha) and Iboih Recreation Park (1,300 ha).The Marine Park has the coral gardens, surrounding the little island Pulau Rubiah. The Iboih Recreation Park is located on the west coast of Pulau Weh and consists of beach forest and tropical lowland forest. Both the Marine Park and Pulau Rubiah are most easily accessible from Iboih.
In Ukong Murong, adjacent to Iboih, a little volcano, a waterfall and a cave complex inhabited by birds, bats and snakes can be visited. This complex can only be reached by boat, during the dry season.
Take a mini-bus (labi-labi) from the terminal in Banda Aceh to the town centre and from there another labi-labi to the ferry harbor in Krueng Raya. The ferry leaves at 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday to Friday and at 10.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. on Saturday to Monday. It takes about 2,5 hours to reach Pulau Weh. From the ferry harbour on Pulau Weh, take a mini-bus to lboih.
You can reach Pulau Weh by ferry from Malahati harbour in Krueng Raya. Visit the PMTOH Tourism Information at the bus-terminal for details and the latest ferry schedules. For Malahati take a minibus with destination Krueng Raya from Jalan Diponegoro bus station in Banda Aceh.
The ferry will take you to Balohan harbour on Pulau Weh in 2,5 hours. From Balohan, take a minibus or taxi to Sabang, (13 km) or Iboih (39 km).
Sabang is the main town and has a charm of it’s own. Besides this it has a lot of shops, losmens and money changing facilities are available. But most travellers only pass through, as the main attractions of Pulau Weh are Gapang-, Windlong- and lboih Beach.
Iboih beach has the highest capacity for tourists. About 50 bungalows are scattered around four restaurants. It’s warm and relaxed atmosphere has made not a few travellers to stay longer than planned. This is also the place where all the diving starts. Snorkelling and diving are very good at our home reef and become excellent when going with our boat.
* Sabang
o Losmen Holiday
o Losmen Irma
o Losmen Pulau Jaya
o Losmen Sabang Merauke
* Iboih
o Various bungalows
* Rubiah Tirta Divers, PO Box 42, Sabang
Tel. 0062 652 21265 / Fax 0062 652 21333
* Rubiah Tirta Divers, Iboih
* Lumba lumba Diving Centre
Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh
PO box 65, Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia
Tel/SMS (shop): + 62 811 682 787
Fax: + 62 652 22121
Email: [email protected]
WWW: mailto:
* Climbing the volcano in Ukong Murong
* Snorkelling, off the beach at Iboih


* Large flying fox – Pteropus vampyrus
* Wild boar – Sus scrofa

* Nicobar Pigeon – Caloenas nicobarica



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