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Rondo Island, The Rich Uninhabited Island


Rondo is other outer island of Indonesia, it located in the Indian Ocean and adjacent to the territory of India, the Nicobar Islands. Rondo island is the northernmost territory of the Republic of Indonesia and is administratively a part of the town of Sabang, Aceh province. This island is one of small islands in Sabang regency area together with Klah, Rubiah, seulako and Weh Island. Rondo island is close in the north of Weh island.

Geographically, Pulau Rondo that located in the frontier regions of Republic of Indonesia is very strategic since it becomes an international shipping line. This waters that bordering India and Thailand is also has abundant marine wealth. Rondo island is administratively located in the Ujung Ba’u village, Sukakarya District, City of Sabang, Aceh Province, it is deserted and uninhabited.


Raya Island


This island was once a stronghold area during the Dutch colonial period and is now becomes one of tourist attractions in Indonesia. This is because there are lot of relics of the historical graves of soldiers that was killed here. In addition, Raya Island is also a fishing attraction and there are numbers of coral reef for those who enjoy snorkeling and diving.

Raya Island is an outer islands of Indonesia that located in Indian Ocean and is bordered by India state. Raya Island is part of the government district of West Aceh, Aceh province. It precisely located in Lhok Kruet village, Sampoinet sub district, Aceh Jaya regency. It can be reach through the streets of Banda Aceh province along the western coast, as far as 65 km to the Meulaboh. The road can be through the area of Lhonga, Lhong, and Lamno.

Before Tsunami in 2004, this island was inhabited by 1000 people, but after the tragedy this island was uninhabited. Now, there are inhabitants that live in this island, which is divided in 3 villages of Lhok Siron, Lhok Meu and Ujung Manek. Those tribes who live in this island are the same descents who live in this island since 18 century.

In the western tip of the island that known as Ujung Manek society, there are hills of red lands and rocks. The reefs in the far west is end toward the Indian Ocean that steep and bumpy hard.

Quiet and lonely. That is the perfect words to describe Raya Island that covering approximately 3.42 square kilometers. This island is also one of the silent witnesses of Tsunami that attack Aceh in 2004. Overall, this island is still has beauty and uniqueness.

Nasi Island, A Blissfull Island For The Residents


Pulau Nasi or Nasi Island is an island in just north of Aceh, 15km away from Banda Aceh. Nasi in Indonesian means rice. If you are visiting Pulau Weh you will only be able to charter a boat directly to Pulau Nasi. It will be cheaper to catch the ferry back to Banda Aceh and get one of the public ferries to Pulau Nasi.

Administratively, this island is part of Aceh Island subdistrict, Aceh Besar regency. Nasi Island is divided into 5 villages that all of them are people’s residents.

Pulo Nasi has the best beaches in Pulo Aceh. The best ones on Pulo Nasi are Pasi Raye, Nipah and Lamtadu. Pasi Raye is very secluded, and we to climb a bit to reach the area. The forest behind it has Rusa Deer that sometimes comes down to the beach. The beach is open to the west and it has big waves.

The most significant sightseeing of this island is taken from the sea panoramic with the flattering coconut trees, white sandy beach sheet and beautiful sloping beach. This island is perfect spot to have beautiful escape. Moreover, for those who like to do outdoor activities, can enjoy snorkeling and diving in this island.

More about Nasi Island, this magnificent island is also has gigantic cliff over the beaches, it seems like the ruin for the past. The residents of this island is abundantly can have the benefits from the seafood products like fishes, octopus or cuttlefish. In other words, this island is a such a bless for the people around.


Babi Island



Pulau Babi or Pig Island is located in Hindia Ocean, at west side of Sumtra Island. This magnificent island is precisely located near Tuangku island in west, Simeulue island in southeast and Lasia island in south. Wes can see other islands in one and another for it close and reachable.

This island is has characteristic landscape with full of white sandy beach, the expanse of granite rocks, the prairie green grass and palm trees over the area. Historically, the name of Babi / pig island was taken from one of the granite shape which shows the pig look alike.

Babi Island is divided in two parts, which is Babi Baby and Babi Babon, which means Small Pig and Big Pig. Those two area are close to each other and having majestic and unique sightseeing. By the existence of giant granites over the beach and the small forest at the edge of the island, make Babi island becomes more tremendous.

This island is still uninhabited, that also makes the island still virgin and genuine. Hence, this is the perfect spot to go camping and enjoy the private vacation.

To reach Babi Island, we can start from the down town to Tanjung Kelayang or Tanjung Tinggi. The journey can be continue by using motor boat as a main access to the islands around. We can rent the boat with Rp. 300.000 -350.000, not including the buoy and snorkeling equipment.

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