Riau Islands North Natuna Island Map

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Riau Islands North Natuna Islands

 Natuna Archipelago is a part of the vast province, which embraces all of the islands off the Riau mainland. The main island clusters of the Natuna archipelago are: Anambas, Natuna, South Natuna and Tambelan. Matak Island at present serves as a base for offshore oil exploration. Colourful co¬rals and reef fish are found in the waters surrounding these islands. South Natuna comprises the islands Serasan, Panjang and Subi. The surf is strong on these islands and the scenery impressive. The Tambelan Islands are accessed by boat in 6 hours from Pontianak in West Kalimantan or from Tanjung Pinang in 16 hours. Turtles habitually come to some of the beaches to depo¬sit their eggs in the warm sand. There are probably more turtles than people on these islands. Natuna is located in area of South China Sea with the geographical location passed by international shipping and coast lines. Natuna’s Ranai airport has length of 2,550 metres and Matak airport with length basis of 1,700 metres. Natuna’s seaport are Lampa (100 x 10 sqm) and Penagih (50 x 8 sqm).

Natuna Besar (or Ranai) is the largest and northernmost of the islands and also one of the northernmost points in Indonesia. Here you can find lovely corral reefs and a large variety of fish. The population are relatively small, but some people have been moved here by the government from other islands in Indonesia and grow products like peanuts and peas. Gunung Ranai, the highest mountain in the Natuna archipelago at 1.035 m, is located on this island. There are some great areas for diving here, the waters of the South China Sea around the island can offer an unique underwater world, the coral is normally found within five to ten meters below sea level and 50 to 750 meters from the shore. Smaller islands like Senoa to the northeast can also offer white beaches and coral reefs, Panjang to the northwest is known for the protected green turtle, and can be reached by boat from Natuna Besar in 30 minutes. Totally there are about 20 small islands surrounding Natuna Besar.

The main island can be reached by boat from Jakarta, a three day journey, by boat (Pelni) from Tanjung Pinang on Bintan, or by air from Batam. Natuna Besar has an airport with regular arrivals of smaller airplanes.

South Natuna

Located between Natuna Besar and the Kalimantan mainland, the main islands here are Serasan, Panjang and Subi. The islands has a strong surf and impressive scenery.


 Anambas is a group of islands midway between Singapore and Natuna Besar. The main islands are Matak, now a base for oil exploration, Tarempah and Jemaja Andriabu. The population is sparse, mainly simple fishing folk that are the descendants of the once mighty Bugis people. The main source of income is from sea products and coconuts. The islands has become a popular destination for divers from Singapore, the best known sites are the underwater reef systems of Tokong Malangbiru island, the submerged Acasta Rock, the disused Udang Oil Rigs and the wrecks of the sunken vessels “Seven Skies” and “Sara-D”. The closest sites can be reached in a half-day’s boat ride from Singapore, while the Udang Oil Rig to the northeast is about one and a half day away. Tours with boats where we can live onboard are arranged from Singapore. The other islands of Anambas archipelago are Tarempah and Jemaja Andriabu.Anambas have a large reserve of natural gas that is exported to countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. The island of Matak is the main base for oil exploration. Anambas


 Tambelan Island is about 200 km away from Tanjungpinang. There are only six villages, which are spread over a few islands, with a total population of about 4,000. As is to be expected, the environment here is largely unspoilt, and the scenery is truly magnificent. One of the most interesting of natural attraction in this island is watching turtles laying their eggs in great number that protected by local peoples.

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