Riau, Lingga, Candidate Sultan Tuanku Abdulrachman

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Riau, Lingga, Candidate Sultan Tuanku Abdulrachman

In 1911 the greatgrandfather of this monarch abdicated before the Dutch could depose him and went into exile in Singapore, which before tiogether with the south of Malaysia also was part of the Riau-Lingga sultanate. He was to much opposing the plans of the Dutch to make a regulated rule there.
Until now the dynasty staRiau, Lingga-Candidate, Sultan Tuanku Abdulrachman ys in exile in Singapore, also because until Indonesian independence the Dutch obstructed the coming back of this rather important dynasty.
This retired Singapore army-officer is a very dedicated historian corned with Riau-Lingga. Maybe his collection of Riau-Lingga material is the most biggest in the world.
Espacially concerning the pedigree material with many illustrations.
He isn also a rather friendly monarch, who has good contact with the Sultan’s dynasty of Singapore, who were ca. 200 years ago rivals.
I hope, that the bond between the dynasty and the people of Riau-Lingga will remain until this time.



bf.1818 Part of Johor (see under Malaysian states).
1818 The Sultan of Johor-Riau is expelled from Johor; Riau secedes.
3 Feb 1911 Netherlands colonial government takes over administration.
9 Jan 1913 State extinguished by Netherlands colonial government.

1818 – 9 Aug 1832 Sultan Abdul Rahman Muadzam Syah
ibni al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud (b. 1780 – d. 1832)
Riayat Syah
9 Aug 1832 – 1835 Sultan Muhammad Syah ibni
al-Marhum Sultan Abdul Rahman (b. 1803 – d. 1841)
Muadzam Syah
(continues as regent for the following to 20 Jul 1841)
1835 – 7 Oct 1857 Sultan Mahmud Mudzafar Syah ibni (b. 1823 – d. 1864)
al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Syah
7 Oct 1857 – 17 Sep 1883 Sultan Sulaiman Badarul Alam Syah (d. 1883)
ibni al-Marhum Sultan Abdul
Rahman Muadzam Syah
13 Oct 1883 – 3 Feb 1911 Sultan Abdul Rahman Muadzam Syah
bin Muhammad Yusuf (b. 1851 – d. 1930)
13 Oct 1883 – 18 Feb 1885 Tengku Embong Fatima (f) -Regent
3 Feb 1911 – 9 Jan 1913 Interregnum

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