Langkat, Sultan Azwar Abduldjalil Rachmat Shah

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Langkat, Sultan Azwar Abduldjalil Rachmat Shah


Langkat, kesultanan / Prov. Sumatera Utara

Because of oil and plantations this in at the end of thLangkat, Sultan Azwar Abduldjalil Rachmat Shah e 18th century very much enlarged sultanate in E-Sumatra was onced one of the most riches principalities of Indonesia together with Aceh Peurala and E-Kalimantan Kutai.
Extraordinary about this, is that this Sultan is chief of the economic planning department of Langkat, so as a civil government official still can stimulate now the well-being of his people.V ery special also to know, that the characteristics of the kings of the dynasty remains for generations until now. The Sultan of Langkat were always known as very symphatic persons.
Sometimes extremely intelligent and working hard for the well-being of their people.
This Sultan is very symphatic king, very humble and also quite intelligent.

Sultan Azwar Abduldjalil Rhmat Sjah Al-Haj;SE. is one of the less proud Indonesian monarchs I have ever met.He is an intellectual,more than his predecessor and sees serving his people coming before the royal splendour.His wife Sultana Hajjah Marina Indeara is also quite intellectual and shares in much things his opinion.When on the 4th Indonesian Royal Festival in Yogyakarta in september 2004 the organisation forget to place a chair for the Royal couple of Langkat on the special place for the Kings and their most closest advisors,he didn’t mind to sit among the courtofficials;totally in the back and refused to ask special the organisation to place 2 more royal chairs on the special Kingsplatform.Only when a courtofficial of the Usif/Raja of Kupang informed the organisation,he and the Sultana went to sit among his Royal colleagues.He isx working in the office of “planmakers” for the development of the Province of Sumatra Utara(North Sumatra).


26 Oct 1869 Dutch protectorate.

17.. – 17.. Badi uz-Zaman
17.. – 1818 Hitam (Kejuruan Tuwa) (d. 1822)
1818 – 1840 Amat (b. c.1807 – d. 1840)
1840 – 1887 Tengku Ngah (b. 1807 – d. 1892)
1887 – 1892 Musa al-Khalidy al-Muazzam Syah (s.a.)
(Tengku Ngah)
1892 – 1 Jul 1927 Abdul Aziz Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syah (b. 1875 – d. 1927)
1 Jul 1927 – 23 Apr 1948 Mahmud Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syah (b. 1893 – d. 1948)
23 Apr 1948 – 27 Oct 2002 Interregnum
27 Oct 2002 – 21 May 2003 Iskandar Hilali Abdul Jalil Rahmat (b. 1952 – d. 2003)
21 May 2003 – Azwar Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syah (b. 1951)


Rulers (title Kejuruan)
…. – 1919 Aman Cahjamani
1919 – …. Sasa Aman Talib



1811 Palalawan state founded.

1811 – 1822 Abdul Rahman bin Uthman
1822 – 1828 Hasyim I bin Abdul Rahman (d. 1828)
1828 – 1844 Ismail bin Abdul Rahman (d. 1844)
1844 – 9 Jun 1866 Hamid bin Abdul Rahman (d. 1866)
9 Jun 1866 – 1874 Jafar bin Abdul Rahman (d. 1874)
1874 – 1886 Abubakar bin Abdul Rahman (d. 1886)
1886 – 1892 Sontol Said Ali Shahab (d. 1892)
1892 – 1 Aug 1930 Tunku Besar Said Hasyim II (d. 1930)
bin Abubakar bin Syahabuddin
4 Aug 1930 – 12 Jan 1959 Harun Abdul Rahman Fakhruddin (d. 1959)
1930 – 1940 Sharif Usman -Regent


The present Sutan’s dynasty of Indragiri was founded in the 15th century.
It was made by a nobleman from the Minangkabauw empire in W-Sumatra, who was dissatisfied with a situation.
For a time it was under the sway of the Riau-Lingga Sultanate: it’s neighbor.
Indragiri was also functioning as a sort of judge/control power for ore little nearby principalities.
It is one of the biggest principalities of Indonesia.
It is known for not having a very vilent history.
From 1876-the 1890-ies there were many thronestruggle events. In 1902 the minor-Sutan Mahmud Syah came to the throne; effective rule in 1912. He ruled as one of the last kings of Indonesia, who had to give up his throne for civil rule (after his death in 1963).
He was also one of the best rulers Indragiri ever had. The local people and the Dutch East-Indish government were full of compliments for this dedicated and serious ruler.
After his death his son Tengku Muhammad became the unofficial chief of the Sutan’s dynasty. He died in 1984.His younger brother Tengku Arief was installed in 1988 as the 27th raja of Indragiri and also one of the first rajas, who thought, that it was time to be a dynasty chief as identity focus point for the people.
In 2008 the in 1961 destroyed palace was rebuild by the district chief (who also was a member of the dynasty).
The present dynasty chief, his family and his own children are known for there very good education.
They try to keep the history and the local culture alive, but also learn form the foreign countries. Not only in words, but also in acts.
An exemplary dynasty to.

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