Kingdom of Samudra Pasai at Aceh

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Kingdom of Samudra Pasai founded in the 11th century by Meurah Khair. The kingdom was located dipesisir Northeast Aceh. Kingdom was the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia. The founder and first king of the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai is Meurah Khair. He holds Maharaja Mahmud Shah (1042-1078). Substitute Meurah Khair Shah Mansour was Maharaja of the year 1078-1133. Substitute Maharaja Maharaja Ghiyasyuddin Mansyur Shah was Shah of the year 1133-1155.

King of the Samudra next Pasai is Meurah Noe who holds Nuruddin ruling Maharaja of tahun1155-1210. King is also known as Tengku Samudra or Sulthan Nazimuddin Al-Kamil. Sultan was actually originated in Egypt as an admiral assigned to seize the port in Gujarat. This king had no heirs so that at the death, the kingdom of Samudra Pasai chaotic power struggle.

Meurah Silu-titled Sultan Malik al-Saleh (1285-1297). Meurah Silu was a descendant of King Perlak (now Malaysia) who founded the kingdom of Samudra Pasai second dynasty. During his reign, the royal government system and the armed forces of the sea and land are well-structured. Kingdom of prosperity, especially after the Port Pasai opened. Relationships and the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai Perlak harmonious. Meurah Silu strengthen this relationship by marrying the daughter of algae Sari, son of King Perlak. Meurah Silu managed to strengthen the influence of the kingdom of Samudra Pasai on the east coast of Aceh and developed into a powerful trading empire in the Straits of Malacca.

Kings Pasai Samudra next is Sultan Malik Muhammad Zahir (1297-1326), Sultan Mahmud Malik Zahir (1326-1345), Sultan Mansoor Malik Zahir (1345-1346), and Sultan Ahmad Malik Zahir (1346-1383). The next Raja Sultan Zainal Abidin (1383-1405). During his reign, the royal authority covers an area of ​​Kedah in Peninsular Malaya. Sultan Zainal Abidin very active spreading influence of Islam to  Java and Sulawesi by sending propaganda experts, such as Maulana Malik Ibrahim and Maulana Isaac.


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