Aceh (Atjeh or Achin)

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Aceh, Asahan, Sultan Kamal Abraham Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syah

The maAsahan, Sultan Kamal Abraham Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syahn in the yellow cloth is Sultan Kamal Abraham Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syah; 12 Monarch of Asahan in East-Sumatra. He is descended from a Sultan of Aceh and a noblewoman from the Batakarea. This friendly king is a good medical doctor to, who stay ed long in Aceh. His father was Sultan Saibun Abdul Jalil Rahmat Syah; an athletic king, who was the only one, who could escape from the non-proteced area in East-Sumatra in 1946, when there arose the so-called social revolution, in which outsiders could make it happen, that most of the 27 East-Sumatra monarchs were(mostly)killed, or taken prisoner.Sultan Saibun swimmed in a borderriver to safety. In Aceh happened the same thing.
In World War II the Japanese already had killed nearly all of the monarchs of West-Kalimantan and of the Sangir- and Talaud islands, because they were seen as to much pro-Dutch (paranoia)


[Aceh – sultan]
bf.1480 – 1903
bf.1480 Aceh Sultanate founded.
24 Jan 1874 Dutch occupy Aceh capital.
1903 Sultan surrenders, state extinguished by Netherlands
colonial government (resistance continues to 1908).

Sultans (full style Sultan Berdaulat Zillullah fil-Alam)
1699 – 1702 Badr ul Alam Sharif Hashim Jamal ud Din
1702 – 1703 Perkara Alam Sharif Lamtui
1703 – 1726 Jamalul Alam Badrul Munir
1726 Jauharul Alam Amin ud Din
1726 – 1727 Shamsul Alam
1727 – 1725 Alaeddin IV Ahmad Syah
1735 – 1760 Alaeddin V Syah Jahan
1760 – 1781 Mahmud Shah I
– jointly with following –
1764 – 1785 Badr ud Din
1775 – 1781 Sulaiman Syah I
1781 – 1795 Alaeddin VI Muhammed
1795 – 1815 Alaeddin VII Jauharul Alam Syah bin
Alaeddin Muhammad Syah (1st time)(b. 17.. – d. 1824)
1815 – 1818 Saiyid Syarif Saiful Alam Syah
1818 – 1824 Alaeddin VII Jauharul Alam Syah bin
Alaeddin Muhammad Syah (2nd time)(s.a.)
1824 – 1838 Alaeddin Muhammad I Syah bin
Alaeddin Jauharul Alam Syah
1838 – 1857 Alaeddin Sulaiman II Ali Iskandar Syah
1857 – 1870 Alaeddin Mansur Syah bin Alaeddin
Jauharul Alam Syah
1870 – 1874 Alaeddin Mahmud Syah II bin Sulaiman
1874 – 1903 Alaeddin Muhammad II Daud Syah Jahan

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