Aceh Arts and Crafts, 41

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Traditional Arts and Crafts,  Aceh


Arm Ring  (RMV) Bracelet  (RMV)

Coins (RMV) Jacket  (RMV)

Coins  (MB) Ear Ring    (RMV)

Jacket  (RMV) Ear Knob  (RMV)

Necklace (RMV) Silver Belt (MB)

Leg Ring (RMV) Necklace (RMV)

Necklace (RMV) Chassity Belt (RMV)

Chassity Belt (RMV) Chassity Belt (RMV)


Box (RMV) Cooking Pot (RMV)

Lime Box (RMV) Mortar   (RMV)

Oil Lamp (RMV) Sirih Bowl (RMV)

Sirih Spitter   (RMV) Sirih Set (RMV)

Water Bowl (RMV) Water Pot (RMV)

Water Pot (RMV) Plate (IS)

Plate (IS) Basket   (RMV)

Box  (RMV) Oil Lamp (RMV)




Kris  (RMV) Kris  (RMV)

Kris  (RMV) Shield (PAM)

Sword Handle  (RMV) Shield (EE)

Shield (MTW)

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