North Sulawesi, Tinoor Waterfall

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North Sulawesi, Tinoor Waterfall


Tinoor waterfall at the foot of Mount Empung, north of the city Tomohon. Precisely is Tinoor Village, District of North Tomohon, Tomohon, North Sulawesi . Visiting the town of Tomohon would invite click amazed because of its natural potential, not least with waterfall tourist attraction. Mainstay Tomohon region located in the highlands and has a texture that is hilly geography is indeed in the sights of nature, such as mountain, jungle tours, tourist villages, rivers, ornamental plants, and waterfalls.

One that stands out in Tomohon is Tinoor waterfall or often called by the name of the waterfall Regesan.  Regesan waterfalls in addition to being the object of tourism by local government, is also a destination where the extracurricular activities of schools in the city and surrounding Tomohon held. The event was like a bible camp and scout activities. Because this area is a potential tourist attraction, the city government is always trying to re-arrange Tomohon and also develop the means to support the development of tourism activities around this Tinoor waterfall. Concretely, there now began eating stalls that looked over there and slowly, like a lodge house villas and cottages, starting presented. Do not forget, the arrangement of the region as a leading tourist area has also been done.
In this place, visitors can not only enjoy the game millions of grains of water that falls from the cliffs and the cool air only, as shown in the picture above. However, visitors also can mingle with the family in the garden which is not far from the location. The gardens look beautiful because of the many plants that blossom beautiful flowers, like orchids, Bougenville, and other garden flowers. Tinoor Waterfalls can also be used as a means to relieve fatigue work or daily routine with your family or those nearby. So also with you that will delight the culinary tour. Not far from the location of the waterfall, the village is the village famous Tinoor with special food stalls Minahasa. And, through the village Tinoor we will encounter the famous clove plantations in Tomohon.

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