North Sulawesi, Kali Waterfall, Pineleng

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North Sulawesi, Kali Waterfall, Pineleng


Kali Waterfall, better known as Tatapahan Telu, located in the middle of a forest in the village of Kali, District Pineleng, Minahasa regency. Can be reached during the 20 minutes from Manado by car or motorcycle. If traveling from Tomohon, can be started from the Village Kinilow by taking the travel time for a little over 1 Hour. The journey resumed from the end of the settlement as far as 800 feet into the woods. The road up and down and through the path that deliberately created by the community to make the trip. From a distance was heard the roar of water falling and flowing streams. Can also be heard the sounds of other animals such as squirrels and tropical birds such as hummingbirds and parrots. Sometimes in the middle of this forest can also be found chicken. Most people think that they are partridges, but actually the chickens came from the village’s residents are being scraped seeds in the forest.

Can be seen throughout the course of tropical plants known. Both are used as a spice, food, medicines, building materials and so forth. These herbs include: Cloves, Nutmeg, Sugar, Cinnamon, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Bamboo, Rambutan, Pecan, Avocad, Durian, Pangi (Luwak), and others. In the clove harvest season, many people also spread a clove on the streets to dry. On his way to the falls can also be found that palm trees are being tapped and niranya seruas accommodated in bamboo.

After going through the mossy path, the journey will end at a waterfall. This waterfall taste of two great rivers is likely to come from Tomohon, while a small waterfall coming from the springs in the neighborhood. There is a moss-covered bridge that connects the two banks of the river. From this bridge one can see up close and enjoy the scenic waterfall Kali. Standing in this place people will be wet by water droplets. While the views of the bridge itself as in fairy tales.

Bring spare clothes and use anti-slip shoes or slippers to come to this place, but if you do not have anti-slip shoes, you will be taught how to walk tilting by a guide from sliding.


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