South Sulawesi Toraja Tongkonan Siguntu

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South Sulawesi Toraja Tongkonan Siguntu





SIGUNTU Tongkonan (Toraja traditional wooden house) complex is the oldest and beautiful after Kete Kesu tongkonan complex. Located on a hilly area with spectacular natural scenery, rice field unfold, and impasse panorama of Buntu Tabang cliffs hill. Magnificent, elegant, and integrates with nature. Location of Object Siguntu Tongkonan located in Nonongan Village, Sanggalangi District, Tana Toraja Regency, Province of South Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. It is about five kilometers south of Rantepao Town or 14 kilometers north of Makale Town. Overview This unique Tongkonan built by Tongdiseru, Tikee Rante’s husband. Tongkonan has been inherited for six generations. Kinship of Tongkonan owner was noble in the Toraja. Every event held there always great. As mangrara banua sura event which held some time ago. Originally, this Tongkonan called Tongkonan Tirorano as established for the first time in the region of Tirorano. However, because the Tongkonan broken, the descendants rebuilt at Siguntu. Remain as firstly built. Tassel roofed with best wood material, and has carved ornaments and animal horns as symbol of greatness. In 1973, Tongkonan was opened to tourism. At mangrara banua sura event in 1974, in this complex Tongkonan gathered 60 delegates from foreign countries. They set the Toraja as one of the many cultural heritages of the world. Access Tongkonan Siguntu can be reached from Rantepao and Makale with private vehicles or hotel transport facilities. Tourists can also ride public transport, but continued with walk.

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