South Sulawesi, Rumah Bugis

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South Sulawesi, Rumah Bugis


THE BUGIS MAKASSAR PEOPLE The people of Bugis-Makassar is the residents of South Sulawesi ( Celebes ) covers an area around 100.457 square kilo meters, with total population around 5.600.000. This people is famous for their expert in sailing on the deep ocean. As a sailor they have spreaded over many areas of Indonesia such as North Sumatera, Malaysia, Kalimantan, Java, Bali, Maluku, Sumbawa, and West Flores.

Makassar is the name refers to the kingdom on South Sulawesi which during 17th century was the biggest after united with the kingdom of Bone, on east coast of south Sulawesi. The size of South Sulawesi is 100.457 square kms including the island of Selayar, Tanah Jampea, Kalao, Bonerate, and Tanakeke. Anthropological studies said that the people of south Sulawesi is the Bugis, although based on dialect can be further grouped into the Bugis itself, Makassar, Toraja, Mandar, and Duri. The fact that people speaking Bugis dialect group is the biggest number. People speaking dialect of Makassar is now the residents of Makassar city, which was known also as Ujung Pandang city, south east tip of south Sulawesi and Selayar island. The Mandar dialect is found on north west coast of South Sulawesi on the area of Majene northward up to Mamuju. While dialect of Duri very small number neighboring with Toraja people. Due to wide area of South Sulawesi it is believed that during the course of history the culture of Bugis experienced some changes on some places or known as some transformations, so we now know some types of cultures and dialect son the region. Although he title is Bugis people we here discuss in general about the ethnics still within the group of south of Sulawesi. Makassar is flourishing kingdom of Bugis kingdom in 17th century and probably before when Hindu influence reached the region. While Toraja people and its culture will be treated separately as this people as if they are having their own culture known worldwide. The record by governor of South Sulawesi Province in 1969 mentions that the number of people estimated 5.643.067.

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