South Sulawesi, Paotere, Traditional Harbor

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South Sulawesi, Paotere, Traditional Harbor



Bugis, Macassar, and mandar ethnics have been well- known as a people of brave and heroic sailors. Their sailing boats, since hundred of years ago have sailed to the Madagascar island, close to Africa, Australia, and some other tiny islands in the Pacific Oceans.

They were strong and heroic sailor who were bravely fight for the nature, either threatening and peaceful situation (in times of war). In sailing they have the skills in determining their direction by relying on th estars as the helpers. In predicting the weather, the y just looked at the natural phenomena, such as: cloud bulk, and in order to know the current, depth, and coral area of the sea, the y have the feelings just by smelling the water.

Patoere is the place of anchoring for the sailing boats of th epeople of Sulawesi who come from all parts of Indoensia. The sailing boats which anchor there are varied in style and shape. Some of them just have a single mast, and some others equipped with mast and machine, such as pinisi, lambo, and some others.
It is very fascinating and amazing to see the scenery of the masts of th eboats whichseen stand side by side with the mosques and houses nearby the harbor.

The harbor labors loading and unloading cargoes and many other traditional boats go and by in the late afternoon at the harbor. The scenery will be more beautiful and fascinating, particularly during the sunset with a superb panorama of the going down sun with its colorful rays which shows lovely natural panorama.

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