South Sulawesi Gowa Tamalate Palace and Balla Lompoa

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South Sulawesi Gowa Tamalate Palace and Balla Lompoa


TAMALATE Palace and Balla Lompoa are remnant Palace of the Kingdom of Gowa, which now function as a museum. The museum stores some unique relics and inheritance of Gowa Kingdom. Some of the relics are the only one in the world. Tamalate Palace and Balla Lompoa is neighboring buildings located in a complex in Sungguminasa, Gowa Regency, Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The distance of this location is about 15 kilometers southern of Makassar city centre (Karebosi Field). The complex is at the downtown of Sungguminasa. Those two building are stage-shaped houses dark brown color. All of the building part made from ironwood. Seem from it shape, the two buildings are no longer young. Wide about one hectare and surrounded by high walls. Tamalate Palace is biggest than Balla Lompoa. It is the first palace of the kingdom before the king moved to the city inside Somba Opu Fortress. But Tamalate Palace which now stands at the complex was not the original palace building. The original palace destroyed. Tamalate palace that stands here is a replica of the original palace. The building was reconstructed by the Regent of Gowa in 1980. Materials and size adjusted to its original palace, based on the study of some Makassar ancient manuscript (lontara), which recounts the original Palace of Tamalate. Meanwhile, Balla Lompoa is the original palace of Gowa Kingdom. Was build in 1930. Balla Lompoa in Makassarese language means big house or a grandeur house. Balla Lompoa function as museum stores kingdom symbols, such as crown, weapons, the umbrella king, clothing, greatness flag, and other goods, including a number of ancient scripts. The building combined from main building and supporter building mutually connected. Between land and buildings are connected by a staircase as more than two meters. In front part there is a terrace, than entrance to the main room and other spaces such as bedrooms that had been used by the king. Open Monday-Thursday at 08.00 am to 04.00 pm Friday at 08.00 am to 11.00 am This complex site can be easily reached by city transportation, taxi, or hotel transportation facilities. With city transportation, you can start the trip from Karebosi underground terminal direction to Sungguminasa. Bus is available from Panampu Market.


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