South Sulawesi North Coast of Teluk Bone Nature Reserve

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 South Sulawesi

North Coast of Teluk Bone Nature Reserve


Location:2°58’S, 120°12’E to 2°35’S, 121°03’E; the north coast of Bone Bay between Palopo and Malili, South Sulawesi.
Area:c.5,000 ha.
Altitude:Sea level.
Description of site:
About 100 km of coastline in a sheltered gulf, with many small river mouths fringed with mangrove forest. At low tide, about 200 ha of mudflats and about 5,000 ha of sandy flats are exposed.
Climatic conditions:Humid tropical climate.
Principal vegetation:Mangrove forest.
Land tenure:State owned (Indonesian Government, PHPA).
Conservation measures taken:Part of the area is totally protected.
Conservation measures proposed:No information.
Land use:
Some aquaculture (prawn ponds and fish ponds).
Possible Changes in Land use:
Part of the area has been designated for agricultural use.
Disturbances and threats:
Encroachment of aquaculture ponds and agricultural development.
Economic and social values:
No information.
Fauna:No information.
Special floral values:
An important area for a wide variety of waterbirds. Birds recorded during a brief survey in April 1986 include Ardeola speciosa. Butorides striatus, Egretta sp (500), Ardea cinerea, A. sumatrana, Mycteria cinerea and fifteen species of migratory shorebirds, mainly Charadrius spp, Limosa lapponica, Numenius phaeopus. Tringa totanus, Xenus cinereus and Heteroscelus brevipes.


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