South Sulawesi Maros Leangleang Prehistoric Park

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South Sulawesi Maros Leangleang Prehistoric Park



SIGNS of very old civilization stored in Leangleang Prehistoric Park. It is not ancient fossil, but the wall paintings in cave. Some archeologists estimate, the paintings made about 5,000 years ago. The paintings looks very beautiful. Leangleang located at Bantimurung District, Maros Regency, Sout Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Leangleang is a part of hundreds of prehistoric caves in the Maros-Pangkep rocky hills. Leang in Makassarese language means cave (Indonesian language: liang, which means hole). Tourism objects such as Leangleang Prehistoric Park rarely found in the world. Moreover slips in rocky hills. The caves are hidden between rocks enriched by vegetation and biota. Paintings and prehistory human inheritance give more clues about their civilization, the ancestors of humans. Archeologist defection tells many things. Dutch archeologists, Mr. Van Heekeren and Ms. Palm Heeren, are two pictures founder of Pettae and Petta Kere Cave, two caves in Leang-leang, in 1950. Red is dominant color there. They interested to the prehistoric monument and immediately reconstruct the story behind the making of pictures. Pettae Cave faces to west. Mouth of the cave is eight meters high and 12 meters wide. Heritage that was found in this cave are five hand palm picture, a jumping pig picture with a dart in it chest, splinter, knife blade, and a clamshell deposited at the mouth of the cave. To reach this cave you have to climb 26 stairs. Meanwhile, Petta Kere Cave is 300 meters beside the Pettae Cave. The mouth of the cave also faces to northwest. There is a terrace in front of the cave with one or two meters width that function as a front yard. Heritages that found in this cave are two pig pictures, 27 hand pictures, blade flake tools, and arrow. To reach this cave you have to climb 64 stairs. The pictures on cave walls and tools that they left told their social lives, including the activities of their beliefs at that time. One of the pictures is a hand stamp, a member tribe’s hand that had followed ritual cut finger. The ritual was done as a sign of sorrow over the death of his family. The archeologists estimate, the pictures had been created around 5000 years old. The caves were inhabited around 8000 to 3000 B.C. The red pictures made from natural materials that can strongly seeped into stone pores so that can not be erased and endure thousands of years. The existence of the caves also told about prehistoric human migration and it environment at that time. Sulawesi Island is a strategic area in the track of migration routes from the mainland of Asia to the south Pacific. The caves was ideal place for shelter, either as a residence or just transit. Meanwhile, skin-clamshell deposited at the mouth of the cave shows, when people live in the cave, high of the sea water surface was 80 meters from the mainland have now. The girth area of Leangleang is very beautiful. The most visible is the cliff-edge of high-pitched. Not far from that place, plantations unfold with seasonal plants. Shady trees become dominant scene. Fresh air blended with voice of flowing water in river. At this location there are four gazebos that can be used for rest. Leangleang Prehistoric Park located about 12 kilometers eastern Maros regency capital, or 32 kilometers north of Makassar. There are several ways to reach this tourism object. With rent car or public transport. With private cars or rent car, you can through to Reformasi highway or Port highway, and then follow the entrance to Sutami highway, next to Maros. From Maros take the direction to Bantimurung. Also can through Perintis Kemerdekaan Road or without going to the highway. With public transport, you can start the trip from Daya Regional Bus Station, take transportation to Maros. Get off at the Maros terminal and connect to Bantimurung. In addition four gazebos, there are no hotels in the area. Lodging is available only in Bantimurung. Similarly, shop sells several purposes.

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