South East Sulawesi Teluk Lasolo-Teluk Dalam Nature Reserve

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South East Sulawesi

Teluk Lasolo-Teluk Dalam Nature Reserve


A. Legal base, location, and space
The Lasolo Bay of 81.800 ha has been proposed to be a marine reserve by recommendation of Head of Kendari District no. No.533/4768 dated November 30, 1995 following a survey of potency of marine resources in Lasolo Bay by Directorate-General PHPA in 1989. This survey came into conclusion that Lasolo Bay, particularly arround Bahulu Island, Labengki island, and Taipa Peninsula has a great potency of coral reef, marine biota, ornamental fish, as wll as potency of ecotourism.
The Lasolo is geographically positioned at 3°23’45” – 3°44’51” southern latitude and 122°15’40” – 122°32’20” eastern longitude, which is administratively included in Lasolo Sub-district, Kendari District. This area is under authority of RPH Lasolo, BKPH Laiwoi Utara, KPH Kendari. The Lasolo Bay marine Reserve is bounded by Asera Sub-district in the north, Banda Sea in the east, Sampara Sub-district in the south, and Unaaha and Wawotobi Sub-districts in the west.
The Lasolo is topographically flat, and the bay in opposite to Karama Island, Bahulu Island, Labengke Besar Island, and Labengke Kecil Island (Pulau De Haan). These islands are topographically stony in the configuration forming peninsula, with elevation ranging 0 – 100 m above sea level. The sea within the Lasolo Bay is generally not rough. The deepest part of the bay reaches 15 meters
B. Potency
The following potency are founded in Lasolo Bay:
a.Coral, such as Acropora hyacinthus, A. lavelli, A. valida, pontes lutea, Lobophyllia spp., and Fungia spp.
b. Fishes, such as Pygolyptes diacanthus, Zanclus canescens, Chaetodontoplus spp., Stolephorus commersoini, Hemiramphus far, Abudefduf saxatilis, and Amhiprion spp.
c. Mollusks, such as Lambis chiragra, Pinctada spp., Periglypta purpurea, Tndacna squamosa, T. crocea, Hippopus hippopus, Cerithium nodulosum, and Conus spp.
d. Sea birds, such as Sterna bergil, and Haliaetus leucogaster.
e Turtles, such as Eretmochelys imbncata, and Chelonia midas. These are protected turtles as set out on Appendix I CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).
f. Vegetation covering its coast is dominated by penutup panta didominasi oleh casuarina tree (Casuarina equisetifolia).
C. Accessibility
The Lasolo Marine Reserve is easily accessible from Kendari. It is only about 105 km, or 3,5 hours by bus. Some exciting activities are sunbathing in Labengke Coast, snorkling, diving, and boating.
D. Problems
The main problems faced are illegal fishing using bomb and cyanide, coral mining, and grabbing endangered marine biota e.g. oyster, trochus, scaly turtle, and green turtle.


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