South East Sulawesi Lamedai Nature Reserve

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South East Sulawesi

Lamedai Nature Reserve

A. Legal base, location, and space
The Lamedai has been established as a “cagar alam” (nature reserve) by decree of the Minister of Forestry no. 209/Kpts-II/1994 dated April, 30 1994, following the letter of the director of PPA no. 1058/IV-i/IV/6/1972 dated August 23, 1972, proposed to the Governor of South East Sulawesi Province in order to reserve the Lamedae Tangketada Forest as the habitat of ‘kuku’ tree (Pericopsis moniana). To this end, a recommendation of the Governor no. Pta. 4/1/11 was issued on January 16, 1973, followed with a decree of the Minister of Agriculture no. 75/Kpts/Um/2/1974 concerning determination of 500 ha of the Lamedae Tangketada Forest as a nature reserve. After having the boundaries been set, its scale became 635,16 ha (set out on the minutes of boundaries procedure dated February 2, 1987).
The Lamedae Nature Reserve is geographically positioned between 3°57′ -3°59′ southern latitude and 122°48′ -122°50′ eastern longitude, which is administratively included in Lamedai Village, Watubangga Sub-district, Kolaka District, and under the authority of RPH Toari, BKPH Mekongga, KPH Kolaka.
The Lamedae covers and area of 635,16 ha, bordered by Lamedai Village in the north, Huko-Huko Village in the east, main road Kolaka – Toari/Watubangga in the south, and Pewisoa Jaya Village in the west. The length of its boundary reaches 10,717 km, with 120 ‘pals’ (markers placed along the boundary).
B. Potency
The Lamedai Natural Reserve is at an altitude of 5 -200 m. Its topography is flat and hilly, and slope of 15 -30% with alluvial soil. Climate type C with dry season in July – December and rainy season in January – June. The average rainfall is 2815 mm/year, with humidity of 80,3 %, and temperature ranging 20°C – 34°C.
The Lamedai is a habitat of ‘kuku’ tree (Pericopsis moniana) and also an exciting object for research. Other vegetation founded such as ‘kuma/nyato’ (Palaqium obovatum) and rattan. Some animals like monkey, deer, and hornbill.
The Lamedai is a place with low land forest ecosystem. The nearest village is Lamedae with population of 1.122 people (215 households). The main livelihood of the villagers are farmer, fisher and small trader. Today, the Lameday Nature Reserve is controlled by 1 personnel of ‘Resort KSDA Lamedae’.C. Accessibility
To reach the lamedai Nature Reserve is relatively accessible since it is bounded by the main road of Kolaka – Watubangga/Toari. It is about 207 km or 5 hours from kendari (the capital of South East Sulawesi Peovince), with smooth road. Dry season (July – August) is the best time for visiting the Lamedai. However, permission can be obtained from ‘Sub Seksi KSDA Kolaka’, JI. Pendidikan No.9, Kolaka, or ‘Sub Balai KSDA Kendari’. The following activities are allowable: research and development, scientific, and education.
D. Problems
Illegal logging activities are the main problems.


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